Seminar In Szombathely, Hungary

The “Jewish Cemeteries in Education” seminar in Hungary was held in Szombathely, on 29-30 May 2022. 30 teachers from 15 towns and 22 schools took part in the seminar. They came from all over Hungary, 23 teachers from the countryside, and 7 from Budapest. It was the first Centropa seminar for 15 participants, the other […]

Seminar in Siauliai, Lithuania

The EU3 seminar in Lithuania for 30 teachers took place in Lithuania’s fourth-largest city, Siauliai, on 27th-28th June 2022. A keynote on preserving Jewish heritage in Lithuania and cemetery sites specifically, held by director Milda Jakulyte-Vasil of the Lithuanian organization Maceva, focused on the challenges faced throughout the country, but also presented the synergies that […]

Seminar in Chișinău, Moldova

The seminar, organized with our Moldovan partners EcoVisio, began with introductory remarks by organizers and partners Natalia Corobca from KAS and Aliona Grossu from the Jewish community. This was followed by guided visits to the Chisinau Jewish cemetery and a tour of Jewish Chisinau, led by Irina Shikhova. In the cemetery, Irina gave a workshop […]

Seminar in Krakow, Poland

The EU3 seminar for Polish teachers focused on imbuing Polish educators with the tools and knowledge to use Jewish cemeteries in their classroom. After introducing Centropa materials and how they can be used in the classroom, the keynote by Prof. Dr. Edyta Gawron on Jewish heritage in Poland focused on material and immaterial heritage. A […]

Seminar in Tbilisi, Georgia

In the morning, participants had the chance to do an hands-on Workshop on reading epitaphs with Esther Zyskina (co-author ESJF handbook and Phd student at the Hebrew University Jerusalem) Participants learned how to calculate a date, find the beginning and ending of a matzeva (tombstone) and learned more about the meanings of symbols. They then […]

Seminar in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

The seminar began with introductory remarks by Dr Jana Odrobiňáková (MSNP), Magdalena Farnesi (Centropa Budapest), (ESJF) and local representatives and invited guests. A screening of the short film: “Foundation ESJF and its rescue program Jewish cemeteries” was followed by a workshop on Epitaph & tombstone symbols given by Dr Lenka Uličná from the Center for Judaic […]