On 16th May 2023, the ESJF hosted a conference to explore the role of public authorities in protecting Jewish cemeteries in areas where Jewish communities were wiped out in the Shoah. The conference marked the end of a series of masterclasses in the project countries and raised awareness of Jewish Cemeteries as a unique part of European cultural heritage, a source of information about European Jewry and a sacred space that should be protected. 

Participants from across Europe were invited to develop partnerships, present their protection proposals, and discuss challenges of preserving Jewish cemeteries.

Past conferences


Krakow Conference

On February 26-27, Centropa and Galicia Jewish Museum, along with the Foundation for Jewish Heritage, co-hosted a two-day international conference on „Integrating Jewish heritage into the Educational System“ with 25 teacher trainers from 8 European countries (including two participants from...
Bologna Conference

Bologna EuroClio Conference

Foundation for Jewish Heritage and Centropa representatives attended the Euroclio conference held in Bologna in April 2022 entitled ‘What is History For?’ The Jewish cemeteries project was presented, demonstrating how Jewish cemeteries can be used as significant places of education...