On the 26th and 27th January a two day masterclass took place online for Hungarian stakeholders.  During the introductory session by Tamás Biró, Academic Vice-rector, OR-ZSE (Budapest University of Jewish Studies), and Mária Lieberman, Centropa around 50 participants were given an insight into the EU3 project and its purpose. Prominent speakers including Ruth Ellen Gruber, Director, Jewish Heritage Europe, István Balogh (OR-ZSE), Viktória Bánya (TK Minority Research Institute),Tamás Csáki (Kiscelli Museum), Krisztina Kapusta (OR-ZSE), Péter Harsányi (ELTE) and Balázs Borjáti (PTE) discussed issues around the heritage situation of Jewish cemeteries in Hungary. The participants of the seminar urged the organisers to hold regular seminars that are geared toward the community members who are actively involved in preserving Hungary’s Jewish heritage.