On 23rd and 24th September 2022, the third masterclass in Lublin, Poland was combined with the kick-off for the Regional Cemetery Associations. The event took place in partnership with Brama Grodzka. The event brought together 30 experts in the field of Jewish heritage to intensively discuss and exchange knowledge and experiences on the preservation of Poland’s Jewish cemeteries. The event started with a welcome speech from the German Ambassador, Thomas Bagger, who highlighted the importance of preserving Jewish heritage in Poland and Europe, which the Federal Republic of Germany has been supporting for many years.

Throughout the Masterclass, a large variety of topics were discussed, such as the legal norms and the issue of ownership, ghetto cemeteries in the Second World War, religious norms of Jewish law, challenges faced when caring for Jewish cemeteries and the Polish national programme. The closing event of the masterclass included a guided tour of the oldest Jewish cemetery in Lublin! Seminar participants stressed the need for regular seminars aimed at community people actively being involved in protecting the Jewish heritage in Poland. Indeed, expert seminars are an opportunity to broaden knowledge, exchange experiences, and find solutions together. Seminars of this kind have a reinforcing effect, creating a sense of collective action in favour of the same values.