In 2020 Centropa began cooperation with ESJF whose goal is to register, restore and catalogue Jewish cemeteries all over Eastern Europe as well as to provide educators in Eastern European countries with tools to teach Eastern European Jewish history through the use of local Jewish cemeteries. The first joint Centropa and ESJF seminar in Lithuania took place on August 25-26, 2020 in Kaunas. During the seminar teachers and educators from all over the country had an opportunity to meet and learn about various ways to include local Jewish cemeteries in the process of education. The training seminar allowed participants to learn about Jewish cultural heritage in Lithuania from renowned experts. Furthermore, we introduced our participants to Centropa‘s educational tools, examined Lithuanian-Jewish history in Kaunas, took a closer look at the local Jewish cemetery and Choral synagogue, and offered small-group work on how to develop lesson plans and projects on Jewish heritage and Holocaust education for classroom use and extracurricular activities. We want to thank our supporters, the European Commission and the Claims Conference for making this seminar possible. You can find the full program here: