The EU3 seminar in Lithuania for 30 teachers took place in Lithuania’s fourth-largest city, Siauliai, on 27th-28th June 2022. A keynote on preserving Jewish heritage in Lithuania and cemetery sites specifically, held by director Milda Jakulyte-Vasil of the Lithuanian organization Maceva, focused on the challenges faced throughout the country, but also presented the synergies that can be created between actors in the field. Esther Zyskina from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem introduced participants to practical skills and tools in approaching Jewish heritage via Zoom, which was rated highly by teachers in terms of usefulness. The workshop session was followed by an introduction to Centropa’s materials on Lithuania by Katja Grosse-Sommer as well as a teacher presentation on how to Centropa materials in teaching by Meile Platukiene and Marius Tavoras. To familiarize seminar participants with local Jewish history, the group embarked on a guided walking tour of Siauliai which focused on Jewish history and the Holocaust in the town. The second day of the seminar began with an excursion to nearby Seduva. A former shtetl, in which there is no Jewish population remaining today, the town is exemplary for many places throughout Lithuania, where the towns’ former rich Jewish history is almost forgotten. A visit to the Jewish cemetery and site of the Lost Shtetl museum, in construction, led by Milda Jakulyte-Vasil, showed local and international efforts to preserve this history. Back at the seminar rooms, group work on developing a school project using Jewish heritage and cemeteries followed. A presentation of student projects on Jewish heritage and cemeteries by Meile Platukiene followed, showing how students can be motivated to preserve their town’s local Jewish heritage. Presentations of group work and feedback rounded up the seminar.



“Every seminar, every meeting with colleagues brings new ideas. The remote lecture on epitaphs of this seminar was great in terms of knowledge, and the excursion to Šiauliai was great in terms of experience.” “Each seminar brings new experience and knowledge.” “Attention was paid specifically to cemeteries and burial customs, which are rarely talked about, so I really learned new things.” “The Jewish heritage in Šiauliai became interesting and concrete.” “It was a discovery for me. Many times I have participated in "Jewish Vilnius" excursions, several times in "Jewish Kaunas", and in Šiauliai, although I live only 20 km away, I participated in such an excursion for the first time. It is true that I had to participate in the Frenkel Palace and the Jewish food educational programs held here, but such a comprehensive excursion will help a lot when I come with my students in the future. It is very good that Centropa is starting to organize seminars in the regions.”   We want to thank our supporters, the European Commission and the Claims Conference the or making this seminar possible.